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2018-07-18 - Bug Fixes - Seriously Various!!!

Implementing Eos wide audit logging required modifying every single insert and update query in the software and its database. As you are painfully aware, there is a single coder working on the maintenance and development of this software. It is sometimes not feasible for updates to be thoroughly tested before release and unfortunately upon you to suffer through and report any bugs.

If you're based in a Gander & White office in Europe, you should report your issues in the G&W LTD > IT Support Microsoft Teams channel. Anyone else, please email support@eos.uno.

Over the past 48 hours we have resolved the following issues:

  • Movement Notes not appearing on Planning*(2)
  • Pictures not uploading properly
  • Invoice text not saving*(1)
  • Gander & White US Item numbers being assigned 0
  • Quite a few other things which don't currently spring to mind

It is highly recommended you restart Eos as soon as possible. You should also take a quick look at this post to make sure you're running the latest version of Eos. IF YOU'RE STUCK ON AN OLD VERSION OF EOS, SOME THINGS MAY NOT WORK AS EXPECTED!!!

*(1) Have you raised an Invoice and it's missing text? If so, please email support@eos.uno with the unique Invoice reference as shown in bold in the example that follows along with any corrections: SF90292-88677-1-2. Alternatively, you can credit and re-invoice if you prefer.

*(2) To restore any missing Movement Notes to Planning please navigate to the Movements screen, search for the affected Movement Note and then cancel and restore it. If the Movement Note includes Items which have been included in subsequent Movement Notes, you may need to cancel those and restore them in the order in which they were generated.