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2018-07-19 - Troubleshooting - Ensure the Latest Version of Eos is Installed on your Computer

Are you stuck on an outdated version of Eos? We're tracking an issue where automatic updating breaks. Don’t worry, manually applying the latest update is dead easy:

  1. First, delete any Eos icons from your desktop and unpin the icon for your taskbar if applicable
  2. Open a File Explorer window
  3. Click into the location bar near the top of the window. Be sure to click in an area in which no text or ">" icons are shown (pictured below)
  4. Type "%localappdata%" without the quotes and press ENTER on your keyboard
  5. Look for the Apps folder and double-click on it
  6. Select the 2.0 folder and delete it
  7. Download and run the following file: https://eos.blob.core.windows.net/x64/setup.exe - Accept any security warnings


The latest version of Eos should now be installed.

If you need any help with this and you're a Gander & White US user, please email rslack@ganderandwhite.com. For anyone else, please email support@eos.uno.