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2019-09-11 - Introducing Quotations (Preview)

We're delighted to introduce Quotations, our big new feature.

Note: This feature is currently in Preview. This means this is a new feature which is in development and for which we are actively seeking your feedback. feedback@eos.uno

Quotations is a new Eos module allowing for the creation and automatic calculation of customer facing quotes for services based on pre-defined Templates and Service Rates.

User Interface


Fill out basic Quotation information.



Add packing information to your Quotation.



Calculate your Quotation based on the selected Template and Service Rates. Create a Quotation Report to send to a customer.

Multiple versions of a Quotation can be created and can be referred to as required.


Current Functionality

As stated, this is very much a Preview release. You can create Quotations, add packing and execute pricing calculation and the creation of a rudimentary report. However Templates and Service Rates have yet to be set up and some aspects of the user interface do not function as expected.

We're going to add some sample Templates and Service Rates to your Eos databases over the coming days and a follow-up blog post will detail this. We're also going to rapidly refine the user interface and keep you informed as we do so.

You will find all posts relating to quotations here: https://blog.eos.uno/tag/quotations/