Current Mode Update Roundup

Current Mode Oct 17, 2018

Regular followers will know that back in August we introduced Barcoded Labels and since then we've been developing and refining the concept changes required to integrate them into Eos.

To make it easier to follow developments on this significant and crucial update, you will find all blog posts relating to the topic under the new Current Mode tag.

The use of Barcoded Labels within Eos will require the adoption of a new way of working. To enable this transition while preserving the ability to work in the existing way, we've added a new Current Mode toggle to Jobs.


Setting a Job to operate in Current Mode can only be done when it contains no Items. Doing so merges the separate Component and Dimension entities into a single Component entity.


Each Item is broken down into its individual Component parts. Components represent each part of an Item which is assigned a label.

Note: This feature is currently in Preview. This means this is a new feature which is in development and for which we are actively seeking feedback.
During Preview you may find that elements specific to this feature don't work as expected. Please report these issues to us.
The information in this post is subject to change and you should keep an eye out for future posts to keep you advised.