Update Roundup

Bug Fixes Nov 6, 2018

Current Mode

We've made a bunch of changes across Eos to both the interface and reports to tie up Current Mode loose ends. These include:

  • Component dimensions now displayed on reports
  • Component part x of y numbering should now display correctly
  • Component dimensions are factored into volume calculations software-wide
  • Volume totals on reports generated under Current Mode Jobs are now shown correctly
  • Items under Current Mode Jobs can only be moved to other Current Mode Jobs
  • A plethora of minor Current Mode improvements and bug fixes

Note: Current Mode is currently in Preview. This means this is a new feature which is in development and for which we are actively seeking feedback. feedback@eos.uno.
During Preview you may find that elements specific to this feature don't work as expected. Please report these issues to us.
The information in this post is subject to change and you should keep an eye out for future posts to keep you advised.

Legacy Mode

We've also fixed a load of bugs and made minor changes across Legacy Mode which include:

  • Items under Legacy Mode Jobs can only be moved to other Legacy Mode Jobs
  • Removed Component part x of y numbering from Legacy Mode Jobs


Finally, several general bugs have been fixed which include:

  • Components not always showing on Movement Notes
  • Several bug fixes to the Move Item dialog