Hiding & Restoring Components

Current Mode Apr 3, 2019

We've made further improvements to the way Components are managed when operating under Current Mode under Jobs > Items > Components.

In Legacy Mode Components were simply removed when an Outward Movement Note was confirmed. When handling Components in Current Mode, you will want to be able to restore removed Components so that their unique ID's can be preserved when printing Barcoded Labels.

In Current Mode the Component Remove button becomes a Hide/Restore button (red arrow on screenshot), its function dependant on the Showing filter (orange arrow on screenshot) applied.


Note: This feature is currently in Preview. This means this is a new feature which is in development and for which we are actively seeking feedback. feedback@eos.uno.
During Preview you may find that elements specific to this feature don't work as expected. Please report these issues to us.
The information in this post is subject to change and you should keep an eye out for future posts to keep you advised.