New Eos Publish features a new card view for Inventories

Accessing New Eos Publish

Announcements Aug 8, 2022
New Eos Publish features a new card view for Inventories

Sign Up

Accessing New Eos Publish requires all existing Eos users to go through a very brief sign-up process.

To do so click on the following link: Eos Publish - Sign Up

You will be asked for your name, existing Eos username, email address and a new password.

Upon submission you will receive an email requesting you confirm your email address by clicking on a link.

By providing your existing Eos username we can give you access to all your existing Published Files.
The very brief sign-up form existing Eos users must fill out to access the new Eos Publish


Upon completing the steps above, we will be notified. This is so we can execute a short routine which authenticates your new account to your old one. Thus, allowing for the seamless use of old and new platforms.

You will receive a confirmation email from us once your account has been activated.

Sign In

That's it! Once activated all you have left to do is sign into the new Eos Publish here: Eos Publish - Sign In and explore you Published Files in their new home.


You'll find a short video walkthrough of Eos Publish features below.