Current Mode Update Roundup

Current Mode Dec 18, 2019

64-bit Build:
32-bit Build:

It feels like this update has been in the works for an eternity! We've been in process of adjusting our development processes which has had the unfortunate effect of introducing a significant delay between this release and the last. The changes are now in place and we're now able to rapidly release again! The new processes we have put in place should improve how we deal with your support requests and feedback, as well as improve Eos development overall.

We've made several changes to Current Mode; they include but are not limited to:

Managing Components

Adding & Removing

We've simplified the adding and removing of Components. You can now:

  • Add as In Warehouse
  • Add as Out of Warehouse
  • Delete
    Deleting a Component is permanent.


A major change has been made to the way Components are counted. Each Component is now counted as either 0 or 1.
This is logical as every Component consists of one piece and issued a corresponding label.

Forward Planning

You can now enter Components prior to their being collected or received and Eos will handle them correctly.
Raising an Inward Movement Note in Current Mode will allow you to include Components against each Item. If no Components are selected against an Item or none exist, one is automatically created as before.

Copying Information between Components

We've added the ability to copy Current Mode Components under the Jobs and Movements screens. You can choose between copying the location information, the dimensions or both. This can be applied by selecting one or more Items or applied to all Items shown in the list.
We've also implemented a new selection process which removes annoying pop-ups and allows you make your selection directly from the main Items list.

Barcoded Labels

We've added Dimensions to Barcoded Labels.


We've squashed a ton of bugs! Hopefully, you'll find working in Current Mode a lots smoother now.